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全視康 金裝版 粉劑 MacularProtect Complete®AREDS2 DrinkMix - 黃斑維生素


MacularProtect Complete Drink Mix Highlights

  • Improved Formula! Easy-to-swallow drink mix in tasty, all-natural orange flavor!

  • Provides the AREDS formula vitamins, minerals, lutein and zeaxanthin found to preserve eyesight in the landmark AREDS and AREDS 2 clinical trials, sponsored by the National Eye Institute.

  • Reflecting AREDS 2 findings, this product is free of beta-carotene and should be appropriate for those, such as smokers or ex-smokers, who should avoid high beta-carotene intake.

  • Contains 10 mg of bioavailable FloraGLO® lutein – plus 1 mg of zeaxanthin.

  • Features complete multinutrient support with 30 additional nutrients, including a diverse array of bioflavonoids, antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals to protect the health of the whole body.

  • Appropriate for individuals concerned about preserving their eyesight and overall body health.

  • An excellent value, this convenient, all-in-one formula provides powerful protection for macular and whole body health. In addition to the AREDS2 formula, MacularProtect Complete-S Drink Mix also includes a robust multivitamin component. No additional multivitamin is needed.

  • Made from premium ingredients in NSF-Certified facilities.

  • Recommended dose: one scoop mixed in a 1/2 cup (4 oz.) or more of water, twice daily.

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