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骨骼保 BoneProtect®

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BoneProtect Highlights

This balanced formulation is designed for both women and men to help maintain bone density, help maintain blood pressure within normal limits, and help support colon health. BoneProtect™ provides 800 mg of highly concentrated and absorbable calcium sources in four easy-to-swallow capsules daily. BoneProtect also provides vitamin D to stimulate calcium absorption, magnesium to help form bone and cartilage, and vitamin K2 to help bind minerals to bone matrix. The formula also contributes a unique blend of plant nutrients, combining isoflavones – the bone-healthy components of soybeans, with the antioxidant flavonoids hesperidin and green tea catechins that may help protect bone cells.

New! Improved formulation. Now delivers higher levels and added nutrients.

  • New! Now includes increased levels of vitamin D, vitamin K, and soy isoflavones.

  • New! Now featuring 80 mcg of vitamin K in the vitamin K2 form known as menaquinone K-7 (MK-7). Some population-health studies link the K2 rather than the K1 form of vitamin K with maintenance of normal cardiovascular health.

  • New! Now includes hesperidin (111 mg) and green tea extract (75 mg, 65% EGCG).

  • Helps to protect bone health and provides calcium and vitamin D which help reduce the risk for osteoporosis in both men and women.

  • Features a robust 800 mg of calcium – now including a majority of calcium from calcium citrate. This level complements the estimated US average dietary calcium intake of 700-800 mg daily for adults.

  • Combines the best calcium sources - the most concentrated and most soluble - for excellent bioavailability in the fewest number of capsules.

  • Provides critical bone-support nutrients (vitamins D and K, magnesium, boron)

  • Includes soy isoflavones to support bone and prostate health. New! Now with 25 mg soy isoflavones.

  • May be safely combined with JointProtect and/or any other ScienceBasedHealth Products.

  • Made from premium ingredients and manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

✓Vitamin D (維生素D)Works Synergistically with Calcium to reduce risk of osteoporosis in a way of stimulating Calcium absorption 1

✓Calcium (鈣)from calcium citrate (檸檬酸鈣)–Most concentrated and most soluble form. High bioavailability form, meaning more is aborded in fewer amount

✓Vitamin K-2(維生素K-2)Binds minerals to bone matrix

✓Magnesium (鎂) Helps Form bone and cartilage 

✓Hesperidin (橙皮苷)Induce bone regeneration2

✓Green Tea Leaf Extract (綠茶葉萃取物)Prevent of bone loss

✓Soy Isoflavones (大豆異黃酮)Support bone and prostate health3

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