關節保 JointProtect®

關節保 JointProtect® ✓Glucosamine sulfate (硫酸鹽葡萄糖胺)


JointProtect Highlights

New! Improved formula reflects research advances in nutrition and joint health with new ingredients and forms with higher bioavailabilty.

  • Clinically tested glucosamine sulfate supports the body's ability to build and maintain cartilage to cushion joints for ease of movement. JointProtect provides levels of glucosamine sulfate assessed in reviews of clinical trials as improving mobility and reducing discomfort.

  • Improved form! Boswellia serrata is now included in a high potency, clinically tested form that is selectively concentrated for the key bioactive component, AKBBA (acetyl 11-keto beta boswellic acid). A highly concentrated Boswellia serrata extract has been shown to help support more optimal function and to help ease discomfort in overworked joints over relatively short periods of time. JointProtect provides a level within the clinically tested range.

  • New! Now includes Calcium fructoborate, a naturally occurring compound that may work synergistically with glucosamine sulfate. Calcium fructoborate has been shown in short-term clinical trials to work alone or with glucosamine sulfate for faster relief of discomfort, and is included in JointProtect at the clinically tested level.

  • New! A highly bioavailable form of clinically tested curcumin is included for its potent antioxidant and protective qualities.

  • JointProtect also provides Vitamin C, which is required to form collagen, a key component of cartilage.


Note: contains glucosamine sulfate derived from crustacean shellfish, including, variously: crab, shrimp and lobster

✓Glucosamine sulfate (硫酸鹽葡萄糖胺)The level of glucosamine in SBH Joint Protect assessed in reviews of clinical trials as improving mobility and reducing discomfort

✓Calciumfructoborate(果糖硼酸钙)Work synergistically withglucosamine –They enhance each other’s effects.1

✓Vitamin C (維生素C )The essential vitamin required to formcollagen which is the key component of cartilage between joints

✓BowswelliaSerrata Extract (齒葉乳香萃取物) Help with chronic inflammatory diseases. This ingredient contains the key bioactive component -Acetyl 11-keto beta boswellicacid –AKBBA. Help to reduce pain in overworked joints over a short period of time.2

✓Curcumin Extract(薑黃提取物) Protect and reduce inflammatory damaged joints by maintaining the body’s inflammatory response

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